How to Advertise an Upcoming Special Event in Your Community

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April 30, 2015
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How to Advertise an Upcoming Special Event in Your Community

Special events are a great way to bring the community together. They offer plenty of socializing and networking that allows people in the community to get to know each other better. Special events in your community are only effective if you get a great response from the community. You want everyone available to be there to help support the community and the event. In order to ensure word gets out about the special event, you need to advertise it effectively. There are numerous ways this can be done in order to gain attention from the members of the community. If you are looking for some great ways to advertise your special event, here are some to consider.

Coffee Sleeves

Everyone enjoys getting something they can use for later. Coffee sleeves are a great promotional item to hand out because most people do not have one. They are small enough to fit in a purse so people don’t have to lug them around everywhere. Coffee sleeves can be used on numerous types of cups allowing it to stay hot without burning your hand. You can choose between disposable coffee sleeves or reusable coffee sleeves to hand out to people. There is plenty of room on the sleeves to add your advertisement about an upcoming event in your community.

Local Flyers

Most communities have a local bulletin they put out with a list of upcoming community events. This is a great place to make sure you are advertising so people who are looking for something to do will see your event listed. If you decide not to put it in the local bulletin, you can also post flyers in certain areas targeted to a certain group of people. If you want to target college students, you need to place them on the college campuses. This will help get the word out about your special event and won’t cost a lot to advertise.

Radio Ads

Most people listen to their radio when they get in their vehicle. This is a great way to advertise a special event in your local community. You have their attention during the commercial since they are stuck in their vehicle. With every commercial, you are reaching hundreds and thousands of people. Most radio stations are happy to sell ad space during their broadcasts to help make money for the company. This is another great way to target a certain key audience since you can zero in what kind of demographic is listening to that particular radio station. Some radio stations may be willing to advertise your event for you if it is beneficial to the community.

There are numerous ways to advertise your special event in the local community. The key is to be creative and find a way to catch people’s attention. This allows you to gain more interest and hopefully have a better turnout. Advertising should be a big part of any event or business.



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