How to Promote Upcoming Coffee Shop Events

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May 26, 2015
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How to Promote Upcoming Coffee Shop Events

One of the most effective ways to get people to talk about coffee shops and to increase sales is to host events. These events can be anything from birthday parties to live music. For those who are looking for a way to engage in these types of activities, a key component of the planning and success of these programs focuses on promotion. How can you ensure your event is a success? Coffee shop event promotion does not have to be hard to do if you have the right type of promotion in place and if you take just a few steps.

#1: Organize your event and have a plan several weeks in advance.

This ensures that you can begin promoting your event at least several weeks in advance. Give your customers a clue that something is coming by using flyers or even just one on one conversations with guests when they visit. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure each of your customers knows of the event because you’ve worked hard to plan and promote it for several weeks leading up to the date.

#2: Utilize promotional materials that go home with the customer.

While you will want to use signage and displays that discuss your specific needs in your shop, you also need to provide something that goes home with your customers. A simple flyer is one option, but these tend to be lost or tossed out quickly. However, coffee cup sleeves tend to stick around. These are often kept on the cup for several hours as the consumer uses the cup. That means that during that time, they can read and learn more about your event.

#3: Discuss the event with people in person.

When your favorite customers come up to the counter to order, ask them if they are planning on attending your event. Invite them personally. This is a fantastic way to make people understand that they are welcome. Even those who might not otherwise visit such an event can feel good about doing so when you invite them like this. And, it costs nothing to talk about it. It takes about 30 seconds to offer the invitation and that means it is a low cost opportunity.

#4: Always encourage word of mouth promotion.

You can do this in various ways. Most importantly, you’ll want to promote your event by encouraging your customers to come. However, you also want to ask them to invite their friends and family. Coffee shop events are great at building customer bases when new customers visit. They have to know about it to do so. Be frank with your customers. You hope to reach a larger audience.

Reach out to as many people as you can in both word of mouth and advertising. The good news is that you can often see a great turnout if you are active in promoting your event in the weeks leading up to it. It does not have to be expensive or time consuming to pull off either.




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