Marketing Your Coffee Shop in the Internet Age

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June 21, 2016
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August 8, 2016

Marketing Your Coffee Shop in the Internet Age

The internet has changed the way we function in the everyday world. New digital technologies give us access to all sorts of information and allow us to communicate immediately over long distances. Recent technological advancements have allowed small companies like local coffee shops to promote their business on a large scale and connect with a wider range of customers. Here are some tips for marketing your coffee shop in the internet age.

 Social Media

 More and more businesses are using social media to establish a connection with customers. Using social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can help your coffee shop to establish and promote its unique visual brand. Regular updates on these websites can also help customers stay informed about any special promotions, events or new items on your menu. A strong social media presence helps customers to remember your coffee shop’s distinct brand, helping to create a steady customer base.

 Yelp and Customer Review Sites

 Customer review sites such as Yelp can help small businesses grow and learn from customer feedback. It’s never nice to receive a negative review; however, these online comments can provide help feedback that you can use to improve your coffee shop. Positive reviews can attract new customers and demonstrate what is working in your coffee shop. Many businesses shy away from online review websites such as Yelp! but they can be a powerful marketing tool for your business.

 Create a Unified Brand

The best way to use the internet to promote your coffee shop is to make sure your online presence matches the atmosphere of your business. If you create a unified vision of your coffee shop online and offline, your brand will be twice as strong and customers are twice as likely to remember your business.

Having consistent fonts, logos and graphics across all social media accounts and on all your signage, posters, and merchandize will give your coffee shop a cohesive and memorable image. For custom coffee sleeves that match your digital presence, contact us at HotShot Coffee Sleeves. We’ll work with you to develop a distinctive visual brand that will help your coffee shop attract the attention it deserves.

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