Low Minimum Orders

It is our goal to make custom coffee sleeve printing affordable and accessible to all cafes, businesses, marketers, institutions, etc.  More importantly we realize the requirements for the number of cup jackets required varies greatly between establishments.  In particular we have noticed that for years the ‘small guys’ have been neglected and we wanted to change that.

We offer the lowest minimum qty requirements in the industry for full color sleeves!

Now you can order as few as 1250 full color sleeves.  Who would order so few sleeves?

  • Businesses attending trade shows
  • Businesses doing a promotion and provide sleeves to a local cafe in their immediate area
  • Cafes promoting a special blend


Custom coffee cup sleeves

Did you know not all your sleeves need to look the same?

When you order 5000 or more sleeves we allow you to split your order between multiple versions of sleeve artwork. If you don't want all 5000 or more sleeves to look then same then for incremental cost print a 2nd or 3rd sleeve. Mix it up!