Selecting a Tagline for Your Custom Coffee Sleeves

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June 23, 2015
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June 30, 2015

Selecting a Tagline for Your Custom Coffee Sleeves


The tagline eliminates the frustration of trying to figure out a motto or opening jingle to tell your companies JUST exactly what they need to know about your company and what you’re offering them. Taglines are important as your taking a good portion of information and putting it into a short catch phrase that will commonly be used whenever your company is mentioned. e.g. Nike’s “Just Do It” & Apple’s “Think Different”. Here are a few suggestions for trying to create a tagline appropriate for your business:

Short And Sweet

“Kawaii!” – commonly known as cute in Japanese culture. This term has spread internationally and reached all age groups as cute young girls and women say it in a cheery voice in shows, dramas, and movies. Do not make your tagline too complicated or wordy, or else people will have trouble recalling it. Brainstorm a list of what your company does, the things that describe your company, and the environment it wishes to implore. From there, mix and match keywords to fashion a tagline.

Focus on the Ball

People thrive on words that relate to the community. Community is one of the key goals of a business – reaching out and influencing those around us. Evaluate your target audience, their beliefs and values, and formulate a slogan. Describe what contributions your company will make to their community and this will encourage them to use your business.

Treasure What’s Important

Acknowledge that the slogan plays a crucial role in attracting people to your company. The slogan is the “money maker” similar to a catch phrase or jingle that a client may sing or recite off the top of their head because of a trigger word that may be in the phrase or jingle. The message is seen every time they come into your office, whenever you send mail, and every item they purchase in your store, it becomes a seal for your company – a symbol of what your company is and what it’s about.

Nothing but the Truth

Overselling your company will lead to a short-lived company profit spike – steep decline after a step peak. After a while, people will realize that the promise made was not made which would leave a nasty blemish on your reputation. It’s not a bad thing to highlight unique aspects of your company, but be realistic. You want to entertain and surprise your clients, not disappoint them.

Phenomenally Phenomenal

It’s all about you. The slogan is a unique characteristic to a company so it should be originally made for your usage. If yours is too similar to another company or commonplace, you’ll confuse it with other business and potentially confuse your clients about what your company is and what its purpose is. Plus, it just reflects you as a copycat in a sense. You should get your inspiration from well-known companies like Nike, Johnson & Johnson, and Corn Flakes. Make your slogan to your liking and maybe even match it up with common phrases spoken by your target audience – helps with memory.

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