Summer Marketing Strategies for Your Coffee Shop

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June 3, 2016
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July 14, 2016

Summer Marketing Strategies for Your Coffee Shop

Summer provides a unique opportunity for coffee shops to market themselves in new and interesting ways. The high temperatures and the increased outdoor foot traffic can be great for business, attracting a diverse clientele not seen in the winter. Make your coffee shop stand out this summer with these seasonal marketing tips and tricks.

Specialty Drinks

 During periods of extreme heat, it’s important to stay hydrated and refreshed. People are always looking for new ways to quench their thirst—give your customers an experience they’ll never forget by offering a signature summer drink that is unique to your coffee shop. Creating and promoting a refreshing drink that you can’t find anywhere else will encourage customers to come back to your coffee shop all summer long. Help your customers beat the heat and set your business apart with a specialty summer drink.

Outdoor Promotions

 Using the outdoors is a great way to attract attention to your business in the summer. Set up a stand outside your coffee shop and offer free samples to people walking by—this is the perfect way to engage with people taking a leisurely summer stroll who may want to stop in your coffee shop for a break. Having a kiosk at local outdoors parades, festivals or markets encourages community engagement and helps to establish your business as a part of the local community. Take advantage of the beautiful weather by moving your marketing strategies outdoors.

Sell Your Space

 What attributes would make customers want to spend their summers in your coffee shop? Maybe you have a large outdoor patio that gets the perfect amount of shade, or maybe your coffee shop has good air conditioning for relief during unbearable heatwaves. Whatever the angle, make sure that you have a way to sell your space. It can be hard during the summer to encourage people to come inside, so find a way to make your space as attractive as possible.

 Summer is a great season to change and expand your marketing strategy. Your visual brand should complement whatever new marketing tactics you want to use. If you are thinking of redesigning your coffee sleeves for the season, contact us at HotShot Coffee Sleeves for unique and eye-catching visual designs.

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