Custom Cup Sleeves: Your Brand’s Best Friend

Custom coffee sleeves are not just practical—they’re a fantastic marketing tool! Cup sleeves keep your customers’ hands safe from hot drinks and make cups easier to hold. What’s more, by personalizing these sleeves with your logo, tagline, and brand colors, they become on-the-go advertisements as customers carry their to-go cups around town. So, give your plain white cups a boost and add a custom cup sleeve today!

At Hotshot, we produce millions of affordable custom cup sleeves each month, handling orders from a single box to hundreds. With turnaround times of under 10 business days and superior offset printing quality, we set the industry standard for sleeve production. You have the option to print your sleeves using one or two colors or go out with unlimited CMYK colors for striking logos, images, and backgrounds. Plus, support sustainability with our eco-friendly sleeves made from 100% recycled, biodegradable paper.

Coffee cup sleeves customized with branding
Custom coffee sleeve printing personalized with your logo

Benefits of Custom Coffee Sleeves

Beyond Just Heat Protection.
Not all coffee sleeves are made equal. Of course, they offer the primary benefit of better grip and protection from hot coffee or tea, therefore reducing the need to double cup, but they offer so much more! It’s much cheaper to get your branding out there on sleeves than other media! Instead of settling for plain bulk coffee sleeves, why not utilize the blank canvas that a coffee sleeve provides?

Enhance your brand with customized cup sleeves.
Boost visibility and enhance brand recognition with a coffee sleeve. Choose from an economical 1 or 2-color print on Kraft paper or a fully customizable full-color coffee sleeve in as many colors as you want. Add your logo, tagline, and graphics to your custom coffee sleeve and enhance customer engagement both in and out of your café.

Custom designs that resonate with customers.
Our sleeves are economical, and there are no expensive plate fees. Feel free to switch up your sleeve design whenever you’d like. Introduce new products, services, or special events, or simply freshen up your sleeve look so it stands out from all the rest. Your custom sleeves will have customers snapping and sharing, building more loyalty to your brand!

Unleash the Potential of Personalized Sleeves!

Coffee to go doesn’t have to be bland. While a white cup and kraft sleeve get the job done, why not elevate the experience for your customers? Custom printed sleeves open opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction and increase engagement.

Our sleeves showcase your images and graphics in high resolution. From full-color photos to eye catching backgrounds and lively designs, the possibilities are endless. Unlike others who may restrict your creativity to a small, defined area, at Hotshot, the entire sleeve is your canvas! Brandish your logo, taglines, social media handles, and more.

Finally, we go one more step, and we let you fine-tune your look and feel once again. Choose a gloss finish if you want your graphics to really pop or choose matte for a subdued effect.  And for even more variety, we offer a smooth finish or embossed, dimpled texture to top things off.

We believe in making you look good. If you can imagine it, we can print it!

Custom double wall coffee cups

Double Wall Paper Cups: The New Coffee Sleeve Solution

Hotshot is excited to announce the launch of our new offering: double walled coffee cups! Building on the success of our sleeves, we are extending the same great service, quality and pricing to our range of double walled paper cups. Our offerings include 8oz, 12oz, 16, oz and 20oz branded walled cups.

Double wall coffee cups are the next progression or those looking for an even more premium branded customer experience. With the insulated outer wall extending almost the entirety of the cup, the double wall provides an even larger canvas for promotion of your brand. Additionally, the double wall offers excellent heat insulation and is comfortable in the hand.

Shop Double Wall Cups

Personalized Cup Sleeves: FAQs and Answers

Cup sleeves have names globally. They can be referred to as coffee sleeves, cup sleeves, coffee clutch, coffee cozy, cup jacket, or paper zarf. These terms generally describe sleeves made of paperboard or corrugated paper used for both coffee and tea.

The coffee cup holders made by Hotshot are crafted from paper making them both recyclable and biodegradable. We encourage you to recycle your cup holders whenever you can so that they can be repurposed into paper goods down the line! Unfortunately, we can’t make the claim our cup holders are compostable. Certification involves testing procedures that not all paper manufacturers choose to go through.

Cup holders are often associated with hot drinks. They can also be useful in warmer weather to preserve the coolness of your cold beverage. As you grasp a drink in your hand, heat is transferred to it, causing it to warm up. A paper cup holder acts as a barrier, preventing your body heat from reaching the drink surface and allowing you to enjoy its coolness longer.

There are various print processes used to make coffee sleeves, but we use offset printing presses, which allow for very high-quality printing; sleeves are printed multiple-up on very large paper sheets. Once printed, the paper is fed through a machine that creates the embossed texture, which helps with protection from the hot cup. Once embossed, the sleeves are die-cut into the shape of a flat coffee sleeve and then folded and glued using a folder gluer machine to produce the finished product.