Custom Coffee Sleeves

Why Do I Need Coffee Cup Sleeves?

Every day millions of consumers enjoy their favorite take out coffee, tea or other hot beverage. Drinking a hot beverage on the go is not always easy as many drinks are served quite hot. For many years people would ‘double cup’ in order to reduce the heat of the hot cu …until coffee cup sleeves came along.  The primary purpose of a sleeve is to reduce the chance of burning your hands while at the same time reducing costs associated with having to use two hot cups.

If you are going to invest in sleeves then why not take consider the sleeve as way to build your customer base? For a few cents more you can use custom printed cup sleeves showcase your logo, brand messaging, and anything else you can put on a sleeve.  Design your sleeve to be simple with minimal or color, or go for something vibrant and bold to really stick out. Offering sleeves is much more than just protecting ones hands fro the hot cup!

Hotshot offeres a variety of sleeve options for all budgets and marketing objectives.

Coffee cup sleeves customized with branding
Custom coffee sleeve printing personalized with your logo
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What Are The Benefits Of Coffee Sleeves?

Using non-branded sleeves will keep your customers from burning their hands but why not take advantage of the marketing opportunity that custom printed coffee sleeves present? Take advantage of the blank canvas the build your brand!

Whether you opt for a more basic 1 or 2 color sleeve on kraft paper or a vibrant full color coffee sleeve with unlimited colors, consider personalizing your sleeve with your logo, message, and graphics. Use the surface of the sleeve to make your brand stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on your customer building brand loyalty.  We don’t have expensive plate fees, so from time to time change up your sleeve’s colors and information to introduce new products, events, or services.

In addition, as your customers leave your café or business, your coffee cup sleeves will be seen by passerby’s further increasing brand recognition.

Cup Sleeves For Cold Drinks

Coffee sleeves are not only for hot cups. Believe it or not we also print custom cup sleeves for cold cups.  If you would like to order sleeves for cold cups then please select the size 16oz-24oz Cold Cup when at the product page.  These sleeves are a little bit wider and so they fit 16oz – 24oz cold cups, and they also fit 16oz and larger hot cups.  Our cold cup sleeves can be printed with the same amazing colors and quality as our regular sleeves for hot cups.

If you are interested in sleeves for your cold cups or hot cups then we recommend you request a Sample Pack to test the fit of our sleeves on your cups. Unfortunately not all sleeves are made the same and so testing is always safe.

Cold cup sleeves printed with custom branding
Ideas for coffee cup design

How To Design Cup Sleeves: Helpful Tips

Designing custom cup sleeves provides an opportunity to use creativity to connect your consumers to your brand. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Use the space to provide your social media handles, express lifestyle messages, or promote upcoming events or product introuctions.
  • Color is very important! A bold color works well on a coffee sleeve because it can easily be seen while too much color can be overwhelming and make type difficult to read. Printing photographs is also an option.
  • If you are using images be sure to use high quality images that are of high resolution. Low resolution images will look blurry.
  • When using logos and graphics try to work with vector graphics whenever possible to yield the best results. Vector graphics can be scaled without losing any quality.
  • Be sure to proofread your sleeve design before sending to us. Check grammar and spelling well! Catching errors after proof approval can be costly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cup Sleeves

What are coffee cup sleeves called?

Cup sleeves are known by many different names around the world.  Some of the most common terms used to describe them include: coffee sleeves, cup sleeves, coffee clutch, coffee cozy, cup jacket and paper zarf.

In general all the above terms apply to sleeves used for both coffee and tea, and that are made of thick paperboard or corrugated paper.

Are coffee sleeves recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable?

Coffee sleeves produced by Hotshot are made from recycled paper and the sleeves themselves recyclable and biodegradable. Whenever possible we recommend recycling your coffee sleeves so that the sleeves can be used to create more paper products in the future!

Unfortunately we cannot claim that our sleeves are compostable. Making the claim of compostability requires intensive testing and not all paper mills to undergo this testing.

Do cup sleeves keep cold drinks cold?

Although coffee cup sleeves are usually used with a hot beverages it turns out that they can also be pretty useful in the summertime when you want to keep your drink cool for as long as possible!

When you are holding a drink in your hands, you are warming it up – even if you don’t realize it. With a paper cup sleeve, you isolate your body’s warmth from the cold beverage so that you can enjoy its refreshing coolness for longer.

How to make coffee sleeves?

There are a number of ways to make coffee sleeves but we use offset printing to produce our sleeves.  Sleeves are printed multiple up on very large sheets of paper. Then sleeves are put through a machine where they have an embossed texture applied to them. After embossing sleeves are then diecut into the flat shape of the sleeve. The last process involves gluing, folding and boxing the sleeves.

We offer many options for our sleeves so the process can vary slightly but all sleeves are produced to the same high quality standards!