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Clear Plastic Cup Lids for Every Beverage

It’s not always possible to relax and enjoy your cold drink at your favorite café, which is why a cold cup plastic lid is essential.  When you’re on the move, preventing spills and maintaining the coolness and freshness of your drink are important. Hotshot has a variety of plastic cup lids to suit different situations. If you prefer using a straw, you can opt for our dome lid or one with an X shaped slot for the straw. We also provide transparent cup lids for those who like sipping from the cup.

With our minimum order requirement being one box, you have the freedom to mix and match lids based on your liking.

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Clear Plastic Cup Lids

PET Dome Lid for 12-24oz Clear Cups

Environmental Benefits of Clear Plastic Cup Lids

Our lids are made of PET which is a commonly used material in food packaging today due to its clarity, which allows consumers to see their beverages. It is favored not only for its transparency, but also for being one of the most sustainable packaging materials available.

PET is lightweight yet durable, resistant to impact, and long lasting. It requires less energy for production, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly, as it can be recycled multiple times without losing quality. Recycled PET can be utilized in creating new plastic cup lids, cold cups, clothing, and household textiles. Furthermore, its lightweight nature contributes to lower carbon emissions during transportation compared to many other packaging materials.

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