Our Original  Sleeve Design (2 glue areas) for under 10,000 sleeves

Our original patented coffee sleeve template is different from others on the market in that it has 2 glue areas on the back. The design allows for a large area on the back of the sleeve for graphics.

New Sleeve Style (1 glue area) for 10,000 or more 12oz – 20oz Sleeves

We have introduced a new sleeve design for orders of 10,000 or more for 12oz – 20oz sleeves.  This design has only 1 glue area which is off to one side allowing for maximum artwork space on the back.

We can offer the most competitve prices on large quantities using this style of sleeve.

Request samples if you would like to try out our sleeves on your cups!

Preparing Artwork Files

FIle TypePreferred file type is Adobe Illustrator with artwork left in layers. If files bleed then make sure artwork extends beyond the die line
Fonts Convert all fonts to outlines whenever possible or supply us with your fonts
Color Mode Provide all graphics and colors in CMYK mode. Files submitted as RGB will be converted to CMYK.
Number of ColorsSTANDARD sleeves require that the number of print colors be limited to 2 (shades of the colors are permitted). In addition STANDARD sleeves have a defined imprint area
ResolutionImages should be 300dpi at the final size they will print at. When images are enlarged the resolution decreases. Images should be embedded and not left as links
Graphics / LogosGraphics and logos should be left as vector whenever possible. Graphics should be embedded and not left as links
Pantone (PMS) ColorsFor both PREMIUM and STANDARD sleeves all Pantone (PMS) colors are converted to their closest CMYK equivalent. If you are working in PMS colors then please specify colors using the C (coated) version of the color and not U (uncoated) as we are printing on a coated paper.
Arcing ArtworkArtwork should be arced so that text and graphics appear horizontal when the sleeve is placed around the cup. You can do this or our prepress department will do this (only for vectory artwork)

Send us your artwork files

Please place your order online before sending us your files.
You may email files up to 20 MB. For really large files please send files via services such as DropBox or WeTransfer.

Please email files to:

*** Only send to the above email address for orders that are in production. If you have not yet placed an order and have sales related questions then email your questions and files to

Review and Approve your PDF proof

Once we have received your files we will prepare a PDF for your review. Upon approval of the proof we will put your sleeves into production.

Template ZIP files include both Adobe Illustrator and editable PDF templates. It is best to work with the Illustrator file whenever possible.

Our sleeves are meant to fit Hot Cups only. Our sleeves are not meant for cold cups or double wall cups unless specified. 


Premium Sleeve templates

PREMIUM templates are for sleeves with more than 2 colors and/or you are printing with bleeds (full background printing). 

Most common size

Choose template based on quantity


Additional charges apply to these sizes

Extra $125 and minimum order of 3750


Standard Sleeve templates

For sleeves printing in 1 or 2 colors and you DO NOT require printing right to the edge of the sleeve (bleeds).

Most common size



Additional charges apply to these sizes

Extra $125 and minimum order of 3750


Let HotShot design your coffee sleeve for you – No extra cost!

We will gladly prepare a coffee sleeve design for you. In order to make the process as efficient as possible we ask that you provide us with some important information. Once we have your received your information we will contact you should we have any questions or we will get working on your design and will send you a PDF proof shortly.

Please provide us with the following:

Design Time Restrictions
STANDARD sleeve orders include 15 minutes of FREE design layout time. PREMIUM sleeve orders allow up to 30 minutes FREE design time. In most cases the allotted time should be sufficient to prepare a design. If we believe your requirements will require more time (layout or fixing supplied graphics/logos etc) then we will let you know prior to starting. In addition multiple client changes may incur additional charges.