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Hot Coffee Cup Lids

What good is an on-the-go cup without a lid? Hotshot provides an array of hot cup lids so you can enjoy your drink while on the move.  Protect yourself from spills and maintain the warmth of your beverages longer with plastic coffee cup lids that fit 8oz or 12oz-20oz single wall cups and double wall hot cups.

Our coffee cup lid collection includes options in both black and white, as well as compostable ones. Lids vary in design, with some having an open sip hole, while others may have a flip lid that can be opened and closed. And with our minimum order quantity set at one box, you have the flexibility to mix and match lids according to your preference.

Complete your order by including disposable lids along with your double wall cups today.

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Why Is It Best to Use A Disposable Cup Lid For Takeaway Coffee?

When you’re on the go and can't enjoy your coffee or tea at the café, it's smart to use a lid to avoid spills and potential burns from drinks. Opt for a coffee cup lid with a reclosable tab if you're moving around a lot to minimize any spill risks. Lids with an open sip hole are best used when sitting down. Not only do lids prevent spills, but they also help keep your drink hot for longer and maintain its freshness by keeping the hot cup covered.

What Are Hot Cup Lids Made Of?

Disposable coffee cup lids are usually made from plastic with polystyrene (PS) or polypropylene (PP). Not only are these disposable lids recyclable, but these plastics provide strength, heat tolerance and the capacity to create a seal to avoid leaks. Alternatively, some conscious alternatives utilize compostable materials, like polylactic acid (PLA) sourced from renewable substances such as corn starch.

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