Get Ready for Fall with Our Autumn Coffee Shop Marketing Guide

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August 8, 2016
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Get Ready for Fall with Our Autumn Coffee Shop Marketing Guide

With summer winding to a close, it’s time to start thinking about marketing your coffee shop for fall. As the leaves start to change and the temperatures start to drop, small coffee shops have a great opportunity to draw customers indoors. Here are a few tips to improve your fall marketing campaign this season.

Get Cozy

As the weather starts to get chillier, customers will be looking for a nice cozy atmosphere to get some work done, do some reading, or catch up with friends. Coffee shops provide the perfect ambiance for a relaxing and comfortable hangout spot. Make your cafe warm and inviting with a few simple decor tricks. Adding extra lamps, candles or lighting can keep your business bright and welcoming even on the darkest fall evenings. Adding couches or plush chairs to your coffee shop is a great way to encourage customers to get comfortable and feel at home. By making the space as cozy as possible, you’ll invite customers to come to your coffee shop even as the season moves into winter.

Update Your Menu

Now that the scorching temperatures of summer are behind us, it’s important to trade in your iced coffees and cappuccinos for warm lattes and teas. Fall is a great time to experiment with the flavors of the season. Pumpkin is always a hit, but there are also other great fall flavors such as apple, cinnamon and caramel. Create a signature fall drink that customers won’t be able to find anywhere else. The promise of a delicious and warming drink will keep customers streaming into your coffee shop for the entire fall season.

Customized Coffee Sleeves

Customers will begin ordering warm drinks again during the fall, which means they’ll need coffee sleeves – and what a better way to promote your company than with customized coffee sleeves? Printing your unique logo on your coffee sleeves provides a great visual reminder of your brand to customers. This personalized marketing strategy will help you stand out amongst your competitors.

Embrace the fall season with personalized coffee sleeves. For more information about how custom coffee sleeves can help improve your business this fall, contact us today at HotShot Coffee Sleeves.




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