Three Marketing Mistakes Coffee Shops Make

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April 2, 2015
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April 9, 2015

Three Marketing Mistakes Coffee Shops Make

You have recently started your own coffee shop. It’s shining, clean, and the aromas coming out of it should be enough to bring in even people who don’t like coffee. However, the aromas and the nice machinery might not be enough to bring customers to your shop and keep them coming back for more. What you need is a sound marketing plan to bring the customers in, then your excellent coffee and sweets can make them stick around and keep coming back for more. Marketing tactics like having custom made coffee sleeves on your cups to advertise work better than anything else out there. Below you will find three marketing mistakes that coffee shops make that you will need to avoid.

Avoiding Social Media

One of the worst mistakes you can make when it comes to running a successful coffee shop is avoiding social media. Social media has become one of the most effective marketing tools on the Internet today. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus can get the word out there better than any other form of marketing except maybe custom coffee sleeves. If you are looking to increase your customer base, setting up a social media account is a great way to get the word out there.

Make sure that your page is fresh, has bright colors, and has up to date statuses and contest and your business should be booming in no time at all.

Using Only One Marketing Strategy

While you may have a marketing strategy that works for you, sometimes it’s best to have several. Many coffee shops settle on a marketing strategy and use it until it is no longer effective. That is a mistake because you are then scrambling to come up with another marketing campaign, and in the meantime other coffee shops are promoting their business while you aren’t.

It’s a good idea to hand out fliers, advertise on TV, and of course have custom coffee sleeves that you give out with every cup of your excellent coffee. Giving out custom coffee sleeves ensures that your brand goes wherever that cup of coffee goes, up until it is finished and tossed in the trash. Many times your cup will sit on someone’s desk most of the day and will still make and impact even if the coffee is cold and no longer drinkable.

Using no Marketing Campaign

One of the worst things a coffee shop can do is fail to market the shop at all. If you have a coffee shop, you might want to rely on your excellent coffee to bring in business, but in today’s world that is very seldom possible. There are too many coffee shops out there trying to get business for you to just sit back and let the customers come to you.

These are just a few mistakes that coffee shops make when it comes to marketing their shops. Following the tips above will ensure that your coffee shop is in the black in no time at all, with more customers than you can handle.




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