Benefits of Using a Marketing Calendar

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What are the Benefits of Using a Marketing Calendar?

A marketing calendar highlights a list of events that a business intends to promote product efficiency with the strategy of increased profits. Most marketing calendars are annual projects and event plans for most business days. It can be time consuming during the creation period, but getting other employees involved can turn it into a team building exercise where each individual involved is tasked with a certain duty. There can be an event planning section, marketing profit section, employee contact information section, etc.


This calendar motivates your company to structure your goals in a throughout manner and launch your marketing system. By using it, you will effectively be able to coordinate all your sales and profits, including promotional events, with your budgeting charts. It keeps track of your endeavors so that you market without falling behind in your adventures, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars.


They address specific needs of the company on a month-by-month and even day-by-day basis. The spreadsheet of a calendar is best to specify what individual promotions or events will be occurring in a given month or week. It’s even more beneficial to include the cost of the event and the results expected for the event scheduled on a given day for future reference. By doing this, it will be easy to take a glance at which events require special attention or were successful according to the target goal; it assist in making the company better over the future annual observations on the marketing calendar.


Remember to be flexible when you create your calendar. Having a window to change plans will make plans work for you and your company, no matter if it’s the right or wrong way. A time window can be placed for a week or two in between each event or each quarter depending on the events that are scheduled for that month. Another way to organize the events is by alphabetical order or by importance in the “Notes” section of the calendar. The purpose of the calendar is to create results that influence the company to be successful. To motivate you to take the time and create one for your company, here is a list of benefits that come with utilizing a marketing calendar:


  • Helps you stay on track with annual marketing and business goals
  • Can help compare performances and results throughout the year and create better outlines for the future
  • Can save you a lot of time when you are prepared in advance, in case any issues arise and requires a change
  • Creates a leveled plain so that you are not always running to meet a deadline
  • Provides a step-by-step process of directions that any employee can read and take over the tasks if need be
  • A great method to outline a schedule if you have a lot of products and demands to uphold


Overall, a marketing calendar is your best companion in keeping up-to-date on events and project management. Writing out a plan and placing it on a marketing calendar is beneficial to the company as a whole and can put you well on your way to a successful business!