The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Coffee

The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Coffee
When you enter a fancy coffee shop, you will realize that nowadays, you have much more options than just a simple latte, black coffee, or espresso cup. It is not enough to just pour hot water onto ground coffee beans and add a splash of milk and/or a scoop of sugar anymore! There are numerous brewing methods, blends, as well as different types of coffee beans themselves. On top of that, you can decide whether to serve your coffee hot or chilled, depending on the weather and individual preferences. To cater to the current demand and aim your offer at as many coffee enthusiasts as possible, you should learn about the diverse possibilities you have and choose at least some of them to include in your coffee shop menu. From our guide, you will learn about different types of coffee drinks, beans, roasts, and brewing methods. Check it out!

Different Types of Coffee Beans

The most popular types of coffee beans you will find in American stores are Robusta and Arabica. There is quite a difference between those two, so it is worth knowing how to distinguish them. Also, there is another less common option you may wish to try out!


Arabica is definitely the most commonly found type of coffee, mostly due to its taste. It is typically used to make black coffee (although some people may like to add some milk to it), and it has a sweeter, more complex flavor. However, you should keep in mind that Arabica beans have less caffeine than Robusta – the second most popular kind.


Even though Arabica is the most popular, it is Robusta coffee beans whose price and power are more appealing. However, it has a somewhat bitter flavor that may not suit everyone’s taste – but if you like strong espresso drinks and instant coffee mixes, this type may be perfect for you. A shot of espresso made from Robusta beans will certainly help you to survive a Monday morning!


If you would like your cafe to be original, you should take care of providing untypical coffee drinks. One of the ways to do that is to get some Liberica on the menu – it is definitely more rarely found in North American and European stores than Robusta or Arabica beans. Its production is almost entirely limited to Malaysia, and its main recipient is the Philippines. These coffee beans are famous for their inconsistent flavor, as they can range from smokey and woody to floral with a harsh finish.

Different Types of Brewing Methods

It is not only the beans that affect the taste – the method you use to brew coffee is crucial as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones!

Drip Coffee

This is the drink made in a classic electric coffee maker that almost everyone knows and loves. It is amazingly easy to prepare – you just need to scoop your coffee, place it in the filter, add some water and use the start button to begin the dripping process. Soon after you do it, you will be able to enjoy drip coffee from your mug! Interestingly, some drip coffee makers are enhanced with a thermal carafe. It can come with a double-layered, stainless steel wall, and it helps to keep the taste of your coffee fresh and prevents it from getting cold too fast. However, it often happens that there is just a glass carafe included, not a thermal one.

French Press Coffee

This is another example of an easy brewing method. You just need to place ground coffee beans in your French press, add piping hot water over them, wait for a few minutes to let the coffee steep and then, press the plunger down. At that point, you are ready to pour your French press coffee drink! You can use any kind of coffee beans in this brewing method; however, it is most commonly used for richer, darker roasts. It is also worth mentioning that a French press can look really fancy, letting you prepare coffee drinks in style!

Pour-Over Coffee

A pour-over coffee maker is basically the simplest tool you can imagine – you just literally pour hot water over the beans. Nevertheless, they can be a solid choice if you pick a high-quality brand product. Apart from simplicity, the most commonly repeated advantage of this brewing method is the control of the coffee strength. What’s more, it is not hard to keep the pots in good condition as they are extremely easy to wash. Nevertheless, to use this brewing method you need a dedicated filter that can be more expensive than a regular drip filter. The good news is some are reusable, so you don’t have to buy a new one every time!

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffees are prepared by steeping coffee beans for a longer time. If you want it lighter, it can be around 6 hours, and if you want a really strong cold brew coffee, you need to wait for up to 36 hours. After that time, you can add some cream or milk. Thanks to such an extended period, cold brew coffee is high in caffeine and low in acid. And it is perfect for summer when drinking hot beverages doesn’t suit the weather! You can prepare this kind of drink in dedicated cold brew coffee makers or use a regular French press.

Different Types of Coffee Drinks Served Hot/Warm

Most commonly, people have their black or milk coffee hot. However, it’s not that simple – there are actually many different types of coffee drinks that can make you warm! Below you will find some of the most prominent examples.

Black Coffee

This is the simplest and the most classic coffee drink you can think of. All you have to do to make it is steep your ground coffee beans in hot water and serve it warm. To make it a little bit fancier, you can call it by its proper French name – cafe noir! As in this case, you don’t include any additional ingredients like sugar or steamed milk; the quality of the beans is particularly important because no imperfection can be masked in your black coffee. Keep that in mind while you’re in a coffee shop!


Usually, people are aware that a shot of espresso is stronger than the same amount of regular black coffee, but not everyone knows how it is actually made. Three isn’t anything unusual about the beans themselves, but they need to be more finely ground and brewed with a higher ground-to-water ratio. As a result, you will receive a more concentrated, thicker espresso drink with a characteristic bold flavor. A single espresso shot is usually one ounce, but you can also have a double shot of espresso if you need more caffeine!

Red Eye

You might not be aware of that, but there are also coffee types allowing you to go even further! Red eye is a perfect option to get more coffee in your coffee. And its name refers to the ability to start your engine even if you feel nothing can wake you up! Basically, this hot drink is a full cup of coffee mixed with a stirred-in espresso shot – imagine what a powerful kick that is!


If a pure double espresso or red eye sounds too strong and too bitter to you, a latte may be a great alternative! It basically consists of an espresso shot combined with steamed milk. It has some milk foam, making it even smoother and more creamy in taste, and it is often available in flavored versions. The flavors can be achieved thanks to various spices and syrups. For instance, you can find vanilla latte, coconut latte, caramel latte, mocha latte (chocolate-flavored), or even (when fall comes) pumpkin spice latte!


A cappuccino is similar to a latte but in different proportions. A latte is heavy on steamed milk blended with a shot of espresso and light on foam. When it comes to a cappuccino, it has distinct layers of steamed milk, foamed milk, and a shot of espresso. It has noticeably more foam than steamed milk, and it is often served with some cinnamon or cocoa powder on top to make it sweeter!

Mocha Coffee

Mocha coffee, also referred to as mochaccino is similar to a latte as it is based on a shot of espresso and steamed milk, but it additionally has a chocolate flavoring and sweetener. Most commonly, the flavor is achieved with cocoa powder and sugar,, but some varieties may have chocolate syrup instead or even actual dark or milk chocolate.


Macchiato may be a perfect choice for those who consider latte or cappuccino too light but are not into clear shots of espresso either. Namely, in this coffee drink, you will have three parts milk foam with one part espresso. Its name translates from Italian as “stained” or “spotted” due to the tiny amount of steamed milk in it.

Flat White

Another possibility is to mix a double shot of espresso with steamed milk, and that is how a flat white is made! This coffee drink reached the United States from Australia and has already gained a lot of popularity. It is recommended to those coffee drinkers who are into the fancy foam but still like the rich taste of a cappuccino! Interestingly, as the milk foam layer is really thin, a barista can show off their artistic skills and draw you a rose, a cat, a heart, and more. Be prepared for a surprise while ordering a flat white!

Irish Coffee

It is one of the most interesting types of coffee drinks, as it has alcohol in it! Irish coffee is a mixture of black coffee, sugar, and whiskey, with a significant amount of whipped cream. It will certainly warm you up, not only because it is served hot!


Americano is somewhere between a strong and a light coffee because, on the one hand, it has an espresso shot in it, so it is powerful, but on the other, it doesn’t have such a strong taste due to the fact it is diluted in hot water. However, it is important to keep in mind that espresso should go first, and then the water should be added. In this way, you will achieve the greatest results while preparing your own Americano!


Ristretto is a more highly concentrated espresso shot (30 ml from a double brew basket). The same amount of coffee is used to prepare it, but it is extracted with a finer grind using less water. It can be prepared with either an automatic or a hand-pressed machine.


Affogato is perfect for every ice cream lover! It is an Italian mixture of coffee and a dessert that can be enjoyed in any season. You need to put a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato (you can also use semi-soft cheese-flavored called fior di latte for this) and “drown it” in a shot of hot espresso. Keep in mind that it can also be enhanced with liqueur, such as Kahlua, amaretto, or Bicerin. On top of that, remember that it goes well with brownies!

Different Types of Coffee Drinks Served Cold

Typically, coffee has been perceived as a hot beverage, supposed to keep you warm apart from providing you with more energy. However, there are many types of coffee drinks served cold nowadays, so you can enjoy some caffeine even when it is boiling hot outside, and you don’t feel like getting warmed up. Check some of the most popular ones!

Iced Coffee

The simplest option you can imagine – it is basically just black coffee with ice in it. To make it more well-suited to your customer’s preferences, you are free to add some sugar, cream, or milk at request. Iced Espresso Just as in the case of iced coffee, this drink is similar to its hot counterpart but just served with some ice cubes to make it cold. Actually, it is recommended to put the ice first and then pour the espresso shots over it. To make it less bitter in taste, you can sweeten it or add some flavor.

Nitro Coffee

Nitro coffee is a kind of cold brew coffee but with one interesting addition – nitrogen gas! This ingredient helps to achieve an incredibly smooth texture. To prepare it, you need to make cold brew coffee which, as has been mentioned before, can take up to 36 hours. When the grounds are appropriately steeped, you need to put the coffee in a room-temperature keg or bottle. Then, while pouring the cold brew, charge it with nitrogen to create a significant, creamy head of foam – it may resemble the one you will find in draft beer. This kind of coffee is usually served chilled but without ice cubes, because they would harm the foamy top!


Starbucks has made this drink popular (and trademarked it), but generally, it is a mixture of iced coffee, cream, and other flavorings. Its name derives from the French word for a milkshake with ice cream lait frappé and the Italian cappuccino. Nowadays, it is also usually topped with a significant amount of whipped cream to make it even tastier! What’s more, there are also decaffeinated versions available, so if you just want to have a sweet cappuccino-based drink but watch out for too much caffeine in your diet, you can still have it.

Serve Your Diverse Coffee Drinks Right

As you can see, there are plenty of coffee drinks you can serve your customers and impress them with the variety of your offer. They may love to have a latte, iced coffee, espresso, cappuccino, macchiato – you never know! And if your menu is varied and full of different coffee drinks, basically everyone can find something that suits their preferences well. However, there is something more to take care of apart from your products’ quality and variety – the way they are served is equally important! Taking care of your customers’ comfort and safety is crucial, so if you offer them a hot drink takeaway, you need to make sure that they will not burn their fingers, and here is where our coffee cup sleeves come in handy! Interestingly, apart from helping your customers to hold a hot cup safely, they can also serve as a marketing tool. We can customize it as you like to include your company’s logo, slogan, contact data, or anything you come up with. As our coffee cup sleeves are made from 100% recycled paper, they are ecological, and they allow you to promote your company as environment-friendly. Just contact our professional team to find out what we can do for you!
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