How to Stand Out at a Business Event

how to stand out at business events

Best Ways to Stand Out at a Business Event

Do you want to expand the clientele of your company? Of course you do! One of the best ways to do this is to attend a business event in your particular industry – but that’s easier said than done. Chances are, the biggest business events in your industry are also very crowded – so what can you do to stand out from the crowd and market yourself appropriately?

You can find the answers below. Use these best practices at the next business event that you attend, and earn more business than ever before. You can thank us later!

Sponsor something

Is there a big, annual event that occurs at your business event every year? For example, is there typically a contest where attendees compete for a prize? If so, then consider sponsoring this competition or anything else where there is bound to be a lot of foot traffic. The reason is glaringly obvious: because you want so many people to be aware of your brand, you need to sponsor something where the most eyeballs will be able to see your brand’s name. Hang up a banner, attach flyers, and other marketing documents in order to advertise whatever you are sponsoring!

Promotional coffee sleeves

Everyone loves coffee; and if you at a business event that is always busy, attendees are going to be clamoring for a good cup of joe. One thing they are not going to think about when they grab their coffee is just how hot (or cold, depending on the type of coffee they bring to the event) their hand is going to be when they have to carry the cup around for so long. Be the answer they are looking for by giving out promotional coffee sleeves at your booth every morning!

Not only will attendees be taking your custom coffee sleeves left and right so they can hold their beverage comfortably, but your promotional sleeves will also work as a way to advertise your brand for free. With so many people wanting to grab your coffee sleeves, your brand is going to be promoting itself – and you won’t even have to lift a finger!

Give a presentation

If you are attending a business event, then chances are you have something interesting to share with attendees (and who knows? You may be an expert everyone looks up to). Consider giving a presentation and including your brand’s logo and name on every page of the presentation in an effort to market your business and come across as an expert. With these two qualities widely apparent to everyone attending the presentation, the chances are high that you will earn more business than ever before!

Demonstrate your product/service

Consider conducting a question and answer (Q&A) session for those that stick around after the presentation (or do a separate Q&A at the business event). You can use this time to demonstrate your product(s) and/or service(s) as well. If you want to stand out and make a splash, this is one of the best ways to do so!

Barry Konkin

Barry Konkin is the founder of HotShot Coffee Sleeves. With over 30 years experience in commercial offset printing, Barry utilized his diverse printing background and creativity in developing new coffee sleeve designs that were granted Patents in both the USA and Canada. Barry’s goal is to assist businesses with brand promotion through the use of high quality custom printed cup sleeves. With an understanding of your marketing and operational objectives, Barry can recommend the ideal coffee sleeve solution for you.

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