Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Coffee

There are over a billion people who drink at least one cup of coffee a day. Because of this, one might wonder – What is it that makes so many people unable to start a day without a cup of coffee? Honestly, if you asked coffee drinkers why they drink so much of this rich liquid every day, you’d probably get a few different answers, as everyone has their own reasons for doing it. 

However, chances are that many of them will say something similar – for instance, that it’s because of caffeine and how it keeps them energized throughout the day. While it is a very good reason, it is not the only one why you should drink coffee regularly – there are plenty more. So, let us share some of them with you. Here are a few reasons why so many people choose to start their morning with a good cup of coffee and why you should start doing so too.

The Health Benefits of Coffee Consumption

The most important reason why you should consider increasing your daily coffee consumption is all the potential health benefits associated with it. Although a few centuries ago coffee was considered to be something that was responsible for health issues, the last few decades and the dozens of studies conducted have proven that it is actually the opposite and regular coffee drinking can be very beneficial for one’s body.

Keep in mind that the health benefits we mention below are not the only ones – there are actually many others. If you want to get a deeper look into just how beneficial drinking coffee (especially black, caffeinated coffee) can be, check out our article “Health Benefits of Black Coffee“.

Increased Energy Levels

The first thing on our list of health benefits associated with coffee is something that most people (whether they are coffee drinkers or not really) are probably aware of – coffee can significantly increase one’s energy levels and shorten reaction times. All because of a simple ingredient – caffeine.

Caffeine is actually the most commonly consumed drug in the world. Although ‘a drug’ is probably the last thing one would use to describe it, it’s the truth. Any substance that has a physiological effect on the body once it is absorbed is a drug – and caffeine stimulates CNS (central nervous system). Caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter located in your brain, which improves your mood and provides you with an energy boost, among other things.

Weight Loss

The second thing we’d like to talk about is that coffee can help you lose weight. There are a few reasons why that is the case:

  • Coffee is low in calories. A popular weight-loss method these days is a calorie deficit, which is when you consume fewer calories than you burn. Coffee can help you with that, as a regular portion, which is an 8-ounce cup, contains less than 5 calories. Just keep in mind that it is applicable to simple black coffee – if you drink yours with milk and sugar, it will contain more calories.
  • Coffee can boost metabolism. Coffee can boost your metabolism, which will allow your body to burn more body fat and utilize fat cells as your body’s fuel, whether you’re resting, exercising, or doing some other physical activity.
  • Coffee can make you feel less hungry. There are some studies that show that caffeine affects levels of ghrelin, which is the hormone that makes a person feel hungry.
  • Coffee can improve your physical performance. As we already mentioned, coffee contains caffeine, which can help your body fight fatigue, allowing it to withstand longer exercise sessions. Additionally, it also increases fatty acids and strengthens muscle contraction.

Disclaimer: While coffee can be helpful in losing weight and fat burning, it cannot substitute regular exercise, a healthy diet, or proper hydration.

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Protection Against Cognitive Decline

Coffee can be helpful in preventing cognitive decline which is associated with illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. According to some studies, those who drink coffee regularly are less likely to develop dementia in later stages of their lives.

Lowered Risk of Type II Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a health condition that affects millions of people – those who have it, have high blood sugar levels, caused by the fact that their body becomes resistant to insulin or does not secrete it as well as a healthy body does. Some of the studies conducted in the last few decades suggest that coffee drinkers are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

Protection Against Cancer

Some studies suggest that drinking coffee regularly can prevent one’s body from developing specific forms of cancer, including prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, colon cancer, or liver cancer.

Liver Protection

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body, as it filters the blood coming from the digestive tract before it is released to the rest of the body. That’s why it needs extra protection – something that drinking coffee can help you with.

Aside from the fact that coffee drinkers have lower chances of developing liver cancer, they are also less likely to have issues with their liver in general. Coffee drinking can protect one’s liver against a disease called cirrhosis, which is a condition that leads to the organ being replaced by scar tissue.

Heart Protection

Another organ that coffee drinkers usually keep healthier is the heart. Once upon a time, it was believed that coffee increases the risk of heart disease, but it is actually the opposite and coffee can positively influence heart health.

According to some studies, coffee consumption can reduce the risk of heart failure. What’s more, coffee contains antioxidants that can influence cholesterol levels, and therefore prevent cardiovascular disease.

Possibly Longer Life

Now, this is something that has to be confirmed yet with studies. However, considering the fact that coffee drinkers are less likely to develop diseases that for many turn out to be deadly, it actually does make sense that coffee consumption influences the longevity of one’s life.


Last but not least on our list of coffee’s health benefits is the fact that coffee contains many important nutrients, such as Vitamins B2, B3, and B5, as well as manganese and potassium.

The Variety

If you enter any shop that sells coffee (we’re talking about coffee that you can make and brew on your own, not coffeeshop) you will notice that there are dozens of different varieties available for purchase. That’s because there are many many different types of coffee, and each of them has its own, unique taste.

Even if you simply ask for black ones, the origin of the coffee beans will cause the cups of coffee to taste different – for instance, coffee made with beans from Brazil will not taste the same as coffee made with beans from Morocco. 

Additionally, depending on whether you prefer stronger or lighter beverages, you have the option to choose between caffeinated coffee and decaffeinated coffee, as well as the roast that you prefer – light roast, medium roast, medium-dark roast, or dark roast coffee. Not to mention that there are plenty of flavored coffee beans – whether you’re craving French Vanilla, coconut, chocolate, or something else, you’re sure to find at least one company that has it.

The wide selection of coffee flavors ensures that you won’t get bored with the taste of it. And if for some reason that happens, there will always be many different ones for you to try out.

The Comfort

Many people don’t start their day with one or two cups of coffee because they enjoy its taste or because it brings them energy – they have a completely different reason, and that is the comfort it brings them. After all, there’s something about starting the day with a hot cup of joe, isn’t there?

The Experience

Coffee is one of the most commonly drunk beverages in the world, which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many countries have developed their own coffee cultures. If you’re into traveling, then tasting coffee in the countries you visit is a must – it will allow you to see how different cultures prepare it and get to know whether they have a set of rules associated with drinking coffee, and if yes, what those are (e.g. in Italy, you shouldn’t drink a cappuccino after 1 pm).

The Bottom Line

Most people either love or hate coffee. However, there’s also a group that does neither – they simply never drank it because they didn’t see why they should. Well, we hope that if you are a part of this group, after reading this article you know exactly why you should drink coffee more often.

The most important reason is the potential health benefits – heart disease prevention, protection against dementia and cognitive decline caused by Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, weight loss, and many more. However, as you could see above, it is not the only one why you should join the coffee drinkers group.

Truthfully – coffee does more good than harm. However, it is not our place to tell you what to do, so the final decision lies in your hands. And if you decide to try it out but don’t feel like starting strong with a full cup of coffee, remember that you can always start with less and build up your coffee tolerance from there. Good luck!

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